Why psychotherapy?

Some people come to psychotherapy for troubles which they can easily recognise, such as bereavement or depression, for which psychotherapy may be a great help. More subtle reasons which may be harder to define are also equally welcome. Here are a few examples of the reasons clients may come for psychotherapy:

Anger, fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness…
Addictions such as food, drugs, sex, alcohol…
A difficult time of life such as divorce, loss or illness
Dealing with shock or trauma
Sexual issues
Feelings of emptiness, disconnection, lack of meaning
Searching for change or new direction in life
Spiritual awakening, emergency or crisis
Support with the unknown

As a spiritual practitioner you may be dealing with issues similar to any other person who may come for therapy, or you may also be dealing with issues more specifically related to your path, or wish to use the therapy sessions as a way to deepen your process in a format which acknowledges and honours the importance of the spiritual dimension of life. If this is your particular interest, please see the following page: