Spiritual Practitioners

Lecture to group of Tibetan Tulkus and Khenpos at the Deer Park Institute, Indian Himalayas.

Lecture to Dudjom Yangsi Rinpoche, Dungse Abi Rinpoche and other Tibetan Tulkus and Khenpos on request of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche at the Deer Park Institute, Indian Himalayas.

Justin has trained in meditation while living in Asia since 1996 primarily in Theravada Buddhism in Thailand and in Tibetan Buddhism in India and Nepal, as well as receiving teachings and retreats on the Bhagadad Gita; Yoga Vasistha of Kashmiri Shaivism; the Hindu devotional saint Mira Bai; and the Indian sufi master Kabir. His principle teacher was a yogi from Tibet in the Drukpa Kargyu school.

He continues to practice meditation daily and on retreats. He also trained extensively in the Zen flute tradition – the shakuhachi – while living in Japan and teaches and performs each of the extant lineages of the traditional Buddhist repertoire of this instrument.

Lecture on Creativity and Spirituality at University of the Arts London, 2014

Justin lecturing on Creativity and Spirituality at the University of the Arts, London

Having a deep respect for all spiritual traditions of both East and West, he has been active in various interfaith events and dialogues, and given lectures and workshops on the coming together of spirituality and creativity, and bringing relational tools into the spiritual context.

While personal practice through prayer or meditation is invaluable for many spiritual practitioners, there is also a great benefit to be found in relational practice. There are many areas of our mind, heart or being which are difficult to work on thoroughly in personal practice, but which can manifest more readily when we are in relation to someone else.

Justin running a Relational Mindfulness Workshop for a Zen group

Justin running a Relational Mindfulness Workshop for Daizan Roshi’s Zen group in London

Psychotherapy presents a wonderful opportunity to examine these issues together, as they arise in relationship. This is a way to explore them together in the safety of the psychotherapeutic relationship, and deepen our attention, bringing the healing power of awareness and acceptance to these areas which may otherwise lie largely inaccessible.

Whatever issues you wish to bring, this is a place where boundaries, confidentiality and safety are held with utmost respect.

In the East, and perhaps the West also, psychotherapy is sometimes looked down upon by people on a spiritual path as being something which involves only the ‘mundane’ aspects of the mind or of life, and is therefore of no use to those with the more profound aims and goals of spirituality. Similarly, spirituality is sometimes looked down upon by members of the psychological fields as something superstitious, unscientific or even at times ‘delusional’. Having strong roots in both camps, and having trained in a psychotherapeutic approach which fully acknowledges the sacred whilst integrating the invaluable clinical advances of modern psychotherapy, Justin offers a balanced form of psychotherapy which acknowledges both the spiritual and psychological aspects of our being. In the end, these are not two, but one. Addressing personal issues of the heart and mind, indeed anything which troubles us, can have a profound affect on our spiritual path and way of being.

Whether you are members of the clergy, monastics, lay practitioners, meditators, yogis or spiritual teachers, you are most welcome to enquire and arrange an appointment to see if this therapy may be for you.

Please follow this link for details on Justin’s psychotherapy practice in Richmond, South West London.